May 21, 2024

Natural Gas Act (NGA)

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FERC’s Evolving Enforcement Practices Examined at EBA Meeting
FERC’s enforcement powers have been impacted by recent court cases, and the commission itself has some new priorities, experts said at an EBA panel Friday.
Eversource Calls on Feds to Prepare Emergency Actions for New England
Eversource Energy, New England’s largest utility, is piling on to calls for winter help from the federal government.
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Lawyers, Industry Debate Path for Hydrogen Regulation
FERC may have a role in regulating hydrogen pipelines — and not everyone thinks that's a good idea.
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EBA Panel Hits FERC Pipeline Permitting
The gas industry said FERC's permitting policies could chill development while an environmentalist called the agency's decisions “lazy” during an EBA panel.
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Glick: No Regrets over Gas Policy Statements
FERC Chair Richard Glick defended the natural gas policy statements a split commission issued last month, rejecting criticism that it overstepped its authority.
Consumers Energy
Split FERC Updates Policies on Gas Infrastructure Applications
FERC voted 3-2 to update its policy on natural gas infrastructure certificates and outlined how it will evaluate the impacts of projects’ GHG emissions.
Glick Asserts FERC Authority to Mitigate GHG Emissions
Concerns over FERC’s legal authority to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions came up throughout the commission’s technical conference on GHG mitigation.
Canaport LNG
DC Circuit Sends LNG Approvals Back to FERC
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals found fault with reviews by FERC on climate and environmental justice issues for planned LNG projects in Texas.
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GOP Presses Glick on Natural Gas, Climate at FERC Oversight Hearing
FERC Chair Richard Glick bobbed and weaved his way through a House oversight hearing as Republicans attempted to pin him to positions on natural gas.
Hydrogen Council, McKinsey & Co.
Regulating the New ‘Hydrogen Economy’
Creating a new “hydrogen economy” will require new rules and regulations. What rules will apply and who will enforce them?

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