December 1, 2023

natural gas prices

FERC Optimistic About Energy Markets This Winter
Higher-than-average temperatures in the U.S. could reduce electricity and natural gas demand and help prevent shortfalls this winter, FERC staff said in the commission's Winter Energy Market and Electric Reliability Assessment.
FERC Approves Smaller Fine for BP After 5th Circuit Decision
FERC approved an $11 million fine for BP America that closes an investigation into natural gas price manipulation dating back to Hurricane Ike in 2008.
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FERC Forecasts Low Summer Gas Prices, Reliability Concerns
Falling natural gas prices and additional electric resources are among the bright spots in FERC’s Summer Energy Market and Electric Reliability Assessment.
Study: Limited Exposure to Supply Shortfall for ISO-NE During Extreme Weather
Study looks at severe weather scenarios based on historical data going back to 1950, finds manageable risks of supply shortfall.
CPUC to Investigate Western Natural Gas Price Surge
The California Public Utilities Commission launched an investigation into extremely high natural gas prices in California and the West this winter.
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FERC State of the Markets Report Shows High Energy Prices for 2022
FERC released its State of the Market report, which showed some of the highest natural gas and power prices in years.
Natural Gas Prices Add $4B to CAISO Electricity Costs
Soaring natural gas prices in December and January increased CAISO electricity costs by $4 billion, prompting the governor to ask FERC to investigate.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Jan. 18, 2023
NYISO's Business Issues Committee approved proposed tariff revisions to rules for capacity resource interconnection service (CRIS) expiration and transferring.
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PJM OC Briefs: Jan. 12, 2023
While fuel inventories fell during last month’s winter storm, PJM’s Brian Fitzpatrick told the Operating Committee that they are on track to recover.
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FERC Accepts SPP Order 845 Compliance Filing, Grants Tx Planning Waiver
FERC has accepted a pair of SPP tariff revisions related to generator interconnection procedures and transmission planning.

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