June 23, 2024

Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA)

Gas, Electric Trade Associations Call for More Gas Infrastructure
ISOs and RTOs should take a more prominent role in expanding gas networks, gas and electricity industry representatives emphasized at a webinar.
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Gas, Electric Leaders See ‘No Silver Bullet’ for Interdependence Issues
Attendees at a NERC forum said they are skeptical a gas reliability organization will resolve the challenges exposed by recent winter storms.
Overheard at USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum
The U.S. has a diverse range of energy resources, and all are critical to the nation’s clean energy future, said industry reps speaking at a USEA conference.
FERC Approves Final Rule on Gas-Electric Coordination
FERC on Thursday approved a rule to improve coordination of the natural gas and electric markets, adopting two gas scheduling changes but declining to move the start of the gas day to 4 a.m. CT from 9 a.m.
FERC Denies Rehearing on Gas-Electric Communications
FERC rejected calls for a technical conference on its November order allowing the sharing of non-public operational information between interstate gas pipelines and electric transmission providers.
Pipelines, PJM to Align Daily Schedules
Natural gas pipelines will move their nominating schedules later in the day, and PJM will move its Day Ahead schedule forward enhancing gas electric coordination.

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