April 21, 2024

NEPOOL Transmission Committee

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NEPOOL TC Approves Process for States’ Transmission Needs
The NEPOOL Transmission Committee voted to approve a proposal by ISO-NE and the New England States Committee on Electricity to create a new process to facilitate transmission investments that address state-identified, long-term needs associated with the clean energy transition.
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ISO-NE Order 2023 Compliance Proposal Fails to Pass NEPOOL TC
ISO-NE’s compliance proposal for Order 2023 failed to meet the voting threshold to receive support from the NEPOOL Transmission Committee.
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NEPOOL Nears a Vote on Order 2023 Compliance

The NEPOOL Transmission Committee will vote on ISO-NE compliance proposal and stakeholder amendments on Feb. 15.

ISO-NE Details Order 2023 Tariff Changes
ISO-NE outlined key components of tariff changes it plans to comply with Order 2023, including cluster timelines and storage study assumptions.
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ISO-NE Updates Longer-Term Tx Planning Proposal
ISO-NE provided additional information on the second phase of its Longer-Term Transmission Planning project, which is intended to facilitate transmission investments to meet the states’ policy goals.
ISO-NE Provides More Detail on Order 2023 Compliance
ISO-NE is pursuing an alternative compliance pathway on FERC Order 2023 regarding storage resource interconnection, hoping to sidestep the need for “control technology,” the RTO told the NEPOOL Transmission Committee.
ISO-NE Details Proposed Order 2023 Compliance
ISO-NE plans to request independent entity variations related to its operating assumptions for storage resources and the cluster study timeframe.
ISO-NE Finalizing Changes to Economic Study Process
ISO-NE is finalizing changes to its economic study process as it works through the NEPOOL stakeholder gauntlet.
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ISO-NE Weighs in on FERC’s Proposed Interconnection Changes
ISO-NE repeated a familiar refrain in its initial take on FERC’s interconnection NOPR: give us flexibility and make sure our region’s needs can be met.
ISO-NE Weighs Allowing Storage as Transmission
ISO-NE is developing a process for allowing energy storage projects to be used as transmission assets.

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