December 2, 2023

NERC Board of Trustees

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NERC Board Approves Cold Weather Standards
NERC's Board of Trustees accepted the latest proposed cold weather standards, which will now be sent to FERC for final approval.
ERO Adds Energy Policy to Risk Priorities List
NERC's latest ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report includes energy policy and critical infrastructure interdependencies among crucial reliability risks.
NERC FAC Approves Transfer Study Funding
NERC's Finance and Audit Committee approved a plan to fund the interregional transfer study that Congress ordered in June.
Stakeholders Respond to ERO Budget Drafts
Industry stakeholders expressed concern about the ERO's rising budgets and assessments in comments last week.
NERC Board of Trustees/MRC Briefs: May 10-11, 2023
NERC's Board of Trustees on Thursday approved the organization’s first-ever Level 3 alert at its quarterly meeting.
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NERC Board of Trustees/MRC Briefs: Feb. 15-16, 2023
NERC Board Chair Ken DeFontes congratulated the organization's top bodies for “a very productive week” of in-person meetings in Arizona.
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NERC Board of Trustees/MRC Briefs: Nov. 15-16, 2022
Stakeholders from across the ERO Enterprise gathered in New Orleans this week for the meeting of NERC’s Member Representatives Committee and Board of Trustees.
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NERC Still Considering Scaling Back Board Meetings
NERC’s board is pondering big changes to its calendar, with one of four annual open meetings possibly moving to a hybrid format and another moving fully online.
Matthew T. Rader, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
NERC Board Approves New Cold Weather Standards
The ERO Enterprise’s work preparing for extreme winter weather is far from over despite completion of the initial effort to update reliability standards.
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NERC FAC Approves Final 2023 ERO Budgets
NERC's Finance and Audit Committee sent the final ERO Enterprise business plans and budgets to the organization's Board of Trustees for approval.

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