April 21, 2024

NERC Rules of Procedure (ROP)

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NERC Board of Trustees/MRC Briefs: Feb. 14-15, 2024
The NERC board approved a new reliability standard for extreme cold weather preparedness and operations that industry stakeholders previously rejected.
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NERC Board to Vote on Rule Changes for IBRs
NERC's Board of Trustees will vote on a set of rule changes to allow the registration of inverter-based resources.
NERC Board May Force Action on Cold Weather Standard

If NERC’s latest proposed cold weather standard fails another ballot round, the ERO’s Board of Trustees may have to take matters into its own hands, Chair Ken DeFontes warned at the board’s quarterly meeting.

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FERC Approves NERC Standards Process Changes
FERC approved new rules intended to streamline NERC's reliability standard development process.
NERC Standards Process Changes Headed for Public Comment
NERC’s Standards Committee unanimously agreed to submit for industry comment a proposal to update the organization’s Rules of Procedure.
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NERC Board Member Argues for Increased Authority
NERC Trustee Sue Kelly argued for giving the ERO board authority to issue standards when it sees inadequate progress on an urgent reliability issue.
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FERC Partially Rejects NERC CMEP Changes
FERC raised concerns that several proposed changes to NERC's Rules of Procedure may negatively impact on the ERO's compliance enforcement programs.
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FERC Accepts NERC’s ROP Changes
FERC accepted NERC's latest compliance filing, which updates the organization's rules while clarifying its relationship with the E-ISAC.
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NERC Board of Trustees/MRC Briefs: Aug. 12, 2021
NERC's Board of Trustees and Member Representatives Committee voted to send two new reliability standards to FERC for approval.

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