May 23, 2024

net metering

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New Jersey Broadens Public Solar Remote Net Metering Rules
New Jersey has enacted new remote net metering rules that increase the size and scope of solar projects eligible for the program, but are less ambitious than lawmakers sought.
NC Utilities Commission Approves New Net-metering Rules for Duke
The North Carolina Utilities Commission largely approved Duke Energy’s proposal to update its net energy metering rules for residential rooftop solar customers.
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NJ Hikes Non-residential Solar Incentives After Registration Lags
State regulators cut incentives for residential solar and increased them for some non-residential projects after a report said the latter missed targets.
California PUC Adopts Contested Net Metering Plan
The California Public Utilities Commission adopted reforms to the state's rooftop solar net-metering program after months of controversy.
Non-standard Loads Becoming an Issue in SPP
SPP's SPC said the RTO’s tariff is based on a wholesale/retail regulatory regime & can handle the potentially interruptible load interested in interconnection.
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California Electric Rates Impede Clean Tech Adoption, Study Finds
A study co-authored by CAISO Governor Severin Borenstein found that big add-ons to electric bills discourage the adoption of electric vehicles and heat pumps.
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Jigar Shah: ‘Oil and Gas Sector Shouldn’t be Vilified’
Jigar Shah wondered whether decarbonizing the grid by 2035 is even possible and called on the clean energy industry to stop vilifying the oil and gas industry.
California PUC Gets Feedback on Net Metering Alternatives
Thirty parties submitted comments to the California PUC on a controversial rooftop solar net-metering decision that the commission is revisiting.
Duke and NC Solar Installers Reach Compromise on Net Metering Cuts
Solar installers in North Carolina agreed to a phased reduction in net metering rates under a compromise with Duke Energy that is now before state regulators.
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Solar Advocates Cheer Florida Net Metering Win, Brace for Next Battle
Solar advocates celebrated the defeat of a Florida bill that would have phased out the state’s net metering program but warned the battle is far from over.

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