May 26, 2024

Nevada Senate (NV Senate)

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Nevada Lawmakers Pass Bills on Utility Market Risk, Clean Trucks
Legislators ended the session by passing bills related to IRPs for electric and gas utilities and a bill creating a zero-emission truck incentive program.
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Nevada Bill Would Require Gas Company Efficiency, GHG Plans
The bill would require natural gas utilities to file a plan every three years; it's intended to make natural gas planning more transparent.
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Nevada Resolution Seeks to Bring Renewables to Yucca Mountain
A Nevada lawmaker is urging the federal government to use Yucca Mountain, once proposed as a nuclear dumping ground, as a site for renewable energy.
NV Energy
FERC Approves Greenlink Nevada Incentives
The agency approved a package of transmission rate incentives for NV Energy’s $2.5 billion Greenlink Nevada project.
Clark County, Nev. School Distri
Regulators Slash NV Energy’s Transportation Electrification Plan
Nevada regulators gutted NV Energy’s proposed $348 million EV plan, slashing the budget to about $70 million and removing most of its proposed programs.
LS Power
Nev. Looks to Capitalize on Becoming Tx Crossroads
Nevada is poised to be at the center of a robust and interconnected Western transmission system, but the state must move quickly, a new task force chair says.
Nevada Looks to Other States for Ways to Replace Gas Tax Revenues
A Nevada working group is looking for ways for the state to replace declining gas tax revenues as cars become more fuel-efficient and more drivers turn to EVs.
Nevada PUC Rejects Mobile-only Payment Systems for EV Chargers
Nevada regulators rejected ChargePoint's request that the company's public EV chargers in the state provide for smartphone-only payments.
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Winds of Climate Change Policy Sweep Through West in 2021
Western states produced a whirlwind of climate initiatives last year, advancing numerous bills and regulations to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.
Gov. Steve Sisolak via Twitter
Nevada Gov. Sisolak Appoints Regional Transmission Task Force
Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced the membership of a panel that will advise the governor and legislature on potentially bringing the state into an RTO.

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