June 24, 2024

New England Power Pool (NEPOOL)

NE Generators Propose Financial Assurance Changes
NEPGA and CPV offered amendments to ISO-NE’s proposed changes to the financial assurance provisions for the Forward Capacity Market.
EDP Renewables
Clean Energy Groups Respond to ISO-NE Order 2023 Filing
ISO-NE’s Order 2023 compliance filing received mixed responses in comments from a range of clean energy stakeholders, drawing support from several large trade associations along with protests from multiple companies.
Chicago Law Prof Takes ISO-NE to Task at Consumer Liaison Group
Governance structures and market rules at ISO-NE that favor incumbent interests have contributed to pushing the region into costly and carbon-intensive reliability solutions, law professor Joshua Macey told the Consumer Liaison Group.
ISO-NE Re-elects Slate of Board Candidates
ISO-NE has re-elected current Directors Caren Anders, Steve Corneli and Michael Curran, the RTO announced.
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ISO-NE Provides Update on Potential New Resource Adequacy Metric
ISO-NE outlined its current thinking on a potential Regional Energy Shortfall Threshold at the NEPOOL Reliability Committee.
ISO-NE: RCA Changes to Increase Capacity Market Revenues by 11%
ISO-NE’s proposed resource capacity accreditation updates would result in an estimated 11% increase in capacity market revenues, the RTO told the NEPOOL Markets Committee.
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NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: May 3, 2024
The NEPOOL Participants Committee approved ISO-NE’s Order 2023-A compliance proposal, making incremental changes to its previous plan approved in March.
Senators Call for ‘Increased Accountability and Transparency’ at ISO-NE
In a wide-ranging letter, four U.S. senators called for improved transparency and accountability from ISO-NE, and asked the RTO to increase its efforts to facilitate the clean energy transition.
NEPOOL Transmission Committee Briefs: April 25, 2024

The NEPOOL Transmission Committee voted on to approve updates to ISO-NE’s Order 2023 compliance proposal to account for Order 2023-A.

ISO-NE Decreases Its 10-year Peak Load Forecast
ISO-NE is decreasing its peak load projections slightly for the next 10 years due to slower-than-expected EV adoption, managed charging programs and changes to its modeling of partial building electrification.

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