May 18, 2024

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP)

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Forum: Innovation Key to Advance NJ Offshore Wind
Innovation and in-state project development will be key to New Jersey’s offshore wind future as the state advances its initiative to create an offshore power center that can connect to homes and businesses onshore, according to speakers at the Wind Institute Research Symposium.
NJ Launches Electric School Bus Program With Bidirectional Incentives
New Jersey does not allow electric buses to send electricity directly to the grid, but a program offers up to $50,000 in additional support for projects that use a “vehicle-to-building” strategy.
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New Jersey Abandons Controversial Gas Generation Plant
NJ TRANSIT, New Jersey’s mass transit agency, has abandoned a more than $500 million plan to build a gas-fueled emergency resiliency generator.
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New Jersey Senate Advances Electric School Bus Pilot Program
New Jersey would allocate $15 million from the current state budget for the first year of the state’s electric school bus program.
New Jersey to Adopt Advanced Clean Cars II Rule
New Jersey has adopted California's Advanced Clean Cars II rule,  sparking relief from supporters who pushed for it to be ready for the 2027 model year. 
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New Jersey Moves to Embrace Geothermal Heat Pumps
After years of largely overlooking geothermal, New Jersey has begun an effort proponents hope will better integrate the energy source into the state’s renewable energy portfolio.
NJ to Add 400 EV Chargers with $12.7M Investment
New Jersey awarded $12.7 million in grants to install electric vehicle chargers at 405 new locations, including multiunit dwellings and tourism hot spots.
NJ’s Push Toward Clean Cars Rule Sparks Vigorous Debate
New Jersey’s planned adoption of California’s Advanced Clean Car II  rules stirred a heated exchange as business groups argued that the state is far from ready for a sudden surge in electric vehicle use.
Clean Energy Bills Stack up in NJ Legislature
New Jersey lawmakers are considering a pile of proposed laws related to clean energy as the legislature nears its summer recess.
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NJ EV Charger Plan Advances as Enviros Demand ACC II Adoption
The New Jersey Turnpike Authority agreed to put 260 chargers on the state’s main arteries, as environmental groups urged the state to adopt clean car rules.

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