June 25, 2024

New Orleans City Council

Latest FERC Order on Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant Ambiguous on Refund Amount
FERC’s most recent order on an Entergy subsidiary’s tax violations and lease payment collections for the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Mississippi reignited a longstanding dispute over how much in refunds should be due to customers.
FERC OKs Partial Settlement in Entergy Grand Gulf Row
FERC OK'd a partial settlement that resolves some city and state commissions’ longstanding allegations of overcharging at Entergy’s Grand Gulf Nuclear Station.
New Orleans Seeks FERC Inquiry into Entergy Planning Practices
Entergy continues to field criticisms that it’s hindering transmission development to keep its territory shielded from competing energy suppliers.
Facing City Council Inquiry, Entergy Says it Could Sell New Orleans Utility Arm
Entergy said it could either sell its New Orleans unit, merge it with Entergy Louisiana or step out of the way as New Orleans navigates a municipal utility.
Entergy Touts Restoration; NOLA Leaders Question Lack of Blackstart Service
Entergy called its restoration work “near-miraculous,” but local leaders asked why the company did not use the New Orleans Power Station's capabilities.
Entergy Louisiana
Entergy Re-energizes Small Portion of New Orleans
Entergy restored power to a fraction of customers in New Orleans Wednesday morning, using a transmission line from the northern side of Lake Pontchartrain.

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