May 23, 2024

New York Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee

New York State Senate
NYSERDA Chief Lays out Cost, Benefits of Climate Plan
NYSERDA's Doreen Harris presented the challenges of New York’s energy transition plan as opportunities while speaking to state legislators.
New York Power Authority Sees ‘Additive’ Role in Decarbonization
The head of the NYPA briefed the Senate's energy committee on how the authority’s duties have evolved and the role of new technologies in decarbonization.
The New York Power Authority
NYPA Leader Says Expansion not Threat to Private Sector
The head of the New York Power Authority said the utility’s proposed renewable energy development role is a necessary part of the state’s drive to clean energy.
New York State Senate
Natural Gas Debate Heats up Hearing on CAC Scoping Plan
Members of the New York Climate Action Council continued the debate over the future of natural gas at a Senate hearing on implementing the CAC’s scoping plan.

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