July 23, 2024

New York

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Audit Faults NY Renewables Office on Speed of Reviews
The New York state office created to expedite permitting of large-scale renewable energy development should offer a better accounting of how long permitting takes, an audit concludes. 
New York Governor's Office
NY Gov. Proposes Streamlined Transmission Review, Permitting

New York’s governor is proposing to streamline the transmission permitting process, which she calls a chokepoint that is slowing progress of the state’s clean energy transition.

NY Makes Down Payment on School Bus Electrification
New York state has issued the roadmap for its first-in-the-nation school bus electrification program and is preparing to draw the first tranche from a $500 million pot of money to start carrying it out.
South Fork Wind
Judge Dismisses Groundwater Lawsuit Against South Fork Wind
A judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to block construction of the onshore portions of the South Fork Wind project.
BOEM Commences Environmental Review of Beacon Wind
Costs have spiraled as Beacon Wind 1 moves slowly through review; developer says it is impossible to finance under terms negotiated.
Darren McGee, Office of Governor
New York to Invest $500M in OSW Infrastructure
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on Wednesday announced plans to invest $500 million in offshore wind manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure.
NY Solar Plus Storage to Grow ‘Dramatically’
Solar developers and industry experts expect projects that pair solar with storage to increase dramatically in New York over the next five years.
NY Utilities, Developers Tweak Storage Procurement Terms
New York’s utilities are working with government officials and project developers to fine-tune the processes of state-mandated energy storage solicitations.
Court Sides with NY on EPA ‘Good Neighbor’ Finding
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the EPA to reopen a petition filed by New York, New Jersey and New York City into air pollution coming from upwind states.
New Yorkers Plug New Tx Need for Clean Future
Renewable energy experts and grid planners joined government officials to discuss how to address New York’s outdated transmission system.

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