May 23, 2024

North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC)

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NERC Says IBR Work Proceeding as Planned
NERC staff said the ERO is preparing for the next phase of its work plan for registering inverter-based resources.
NERC Standards Committee Moves Forward on IBR Projects
Inverter-based resources took the focus at the monthly meeting of NERC's Standards Committee.
NERC Summer Assessment Sees Some Risk in Extreme Heat Waves
NERC’s 2024 Summer Reliability Assessment found that every region has met its reserve margin targets but that many areas would face difficult operations in lengthy, widespread heat waves.
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PJM General Session Covers Risk Management, Innovation
Panelists during the General Session at PJM’s Annual Meeting focused on the evolving security and climate risks the electric industry faces, as well as the potential for technology and a culture of creativity to provide new solutions. 
Christie, Clements Praise NERC’s Honesty at Board Meeting
FERC commissioners urged NERC to continue its outreach efforts at a meeting that also saw the ERO's Board of Trustees approve several new CIP standards.
NERC Expecting Tight Summer Conditions
The ERO says the grid could face challenges during periods of extremely high temperatures this summer.
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NERC Seeks Comment on Changes to Mediation Procedures
NERC is seeking comments from industry stakeholders on its Rules of Procedure for the ERO’s Compliance and Certification Committee to conduct hearings and mediate disagreements between it and regional entities. 
RF Levies $30K Penalty for Twin Ridges Oversights
ReliabilityFirst's penalty settlement comes as the Twin Ridges facility transitions to its third owner in four years.
NERC’s Cancel, Hoptroff to Retire in 2025
Manny Cancel has been with NERC since 2020, while Stan Hoptroff has served since 2014. Both will leave in early 2025, the ERO said.
FERC, NERC Review January Winter Storm Performance
The North American electric and natural gas systems survived this year’s Arctic storms with no major incidents, demonstrating significant progress from the performance issues in previous severe winter events.

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