April 15, 2024

North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA)

Duke Energy
Duke Files Settlement with Munis at FERC on Battery Dispute
Duke Energy Progress and North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency filed a settlement with FERC regarding the latter using batteries to shave its peak demand.
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Energy Storage ‘Just Scratching the Surface’ Despite Supply Challenges
Despite current supply chain problems, energy storage is just beginning to capture its potential, developers told the RE+ Southeast conference.
Electricities of North Carolina
FERC Orders Negotiations in Duke-Muni Contract Dispute
FERC conditionally approved changes to Duke's contract with municipal utilities in N.C. but ordered negotiations over how demand charges are calculated.
Electricities of North Carolina
DC Circuit Upholds FERC on Duke-Muni Battery Dispute
The D.C. Circuit said a PPA between Duke Energy and 32 municipal utility customers allows the munis to use storage to reduce their capacity charges.

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