May 27, 2024

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

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LPO Announces $1.52B Loan to Restart Palisades Nuclear Plant
Michigan’s 800-MW Palisades nuclear power plant could become the first nuclear plant in the U.S. to be restarted, helped by a $1.52 billion loan from DOE’s Loan Programs Office.
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Utility CEOs See Ongoing Role for Gas, Nuclear in Decarbonization
Utility executives told state regulators that natural gas and nuclear power will be part of the electric mix for decades as the industry decarbonizes.
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Could the US See a ‘Nuclear Renaissance’?
Pro-nuclear panelists at NARUC's Summer Policy Summit said small, advanced reactors are needed to offset the increase in weather-dependent renewables.
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Utilities Could Double US Nuclear Capacity by 2050, NEI Chief Says
CNOs at the Nuclear Energy Institute’s member utilities say they plan to add a total of 90 GW of nuclear capacity to the grid, CEO Maria Korsnick said.
Federal Aid Likely Too Late to Save Palisades, Diablo Canyon Nukes
The Department of Energy’s lifeline to struggling nuclear generators appears unlikely to save the next three units scheduled to retire.
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Russia Top of Mind at CERAWeek 2022
Most speakers at CERAWeek addressed Russian’s invasion of Ukraine and the alarming upheaval in energy, commodity and financial markets it has created.
Nuclear Energy Institute
Can Nuclear Thread the Needle in a Polarized Congress?
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told NEI that the Biden administration considers nuclear power a key element of its decarbonization strategy.
Nuclear Key to Clean Energy Future, NEI Says
Nuclear energy is not only one component but “key” to the world’s carbon-free future, Nuclear Energy Institute CEO Maria Korsnick said.
NEI Emphasizes Cooperation with Renewables
In her annual State of the Industry address, NEI CEO Maria Korsnick positioned nuclear not as a competitor with renewables but as a partner.
NEI Sees Glass Half Full for Nuclear Industry
Despite record-high capacity factors and reduced operating costs, the U.S. nuclear power industry is threatened by federal and state policies and an "increasingly distorted" energy market, NEI CEO Maria Korsnick said.

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