July 23, 2024

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Bill Gates’ TerraPower Breaks Ground on Advanced Nuclear Plant
TerraPower broke ground on its Natrium reactor demonstration project in Wyoming, making it the first advanced reactor to enter construction.
Georgia Power
NIA: Cost, Risk Sharing Needed to Grow Advanced Nuclear Pipeline
The first new reactors built in the U.S. since 2016, Vogtle’s two units have come online seven years late and $17 billion over budget, leaving subsequent projects surrounded by perceptions of risk.
American Nuclear Society
9th Circuit Upholds NRC Decision on Diablo Canyon
PG&E's plans to extend the life of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant through 2030 remain on track after a federal appellate court rejected environmental groups’ petition challenging an exemption to the license application deadline.
Xcel Energy
Xcel Acknowledges Prairie Island Outage Result of Drilling Accident
Xcel Energy revealed a lengthy outage at its Prairie Island nuclear plant was caused by workers inadvertently drilling through a bundle of cables last fall.
PSEG Plans for 80-year Nuclear Generation in NJ
New Jersey's Energy Master Plan says nuclear plants will need to be “retained past current licenses” and predicts that in 2050 nuclear plants will produce 16% of the state’s electricity.
Holtec International
LPO Announces $1.52B Loan to Restart Palisades Nuclear Plant
Michigan’s 800-MW Palisades nuclear power plant could become the first nuclear plant in the U.S. to be restarted, helped by a $1.52 billion loan from DOE’s Loan Programs Office.
FERC, NRC Examine State of the Nuclear Industry
FERC and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission convened a joint meeting to looking into issues of common interest, including the rollout of advanced reactors and grid reliability.
NuScale Power Corporation
NuScale Refocusing from R&D to Commercialization
NuScale Power is changing its focus from research and development to commercialization, with a resulting 28% reduction in its full-time workforce.
California PUC Votes to Extend Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant 5 Years
The California PUC approved extending operations at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant through 2030.
Idaho National Laboratory
NRC Eases Emergency Preparedness Rules for SMRs
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has finalized emergency preparedness rules for small modular reactors.

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