June 17, 2024

NV Energy

Idaho Power
FERC Approves EDAM Tx Revenue Recovery Plan
FERC approved CAISO tariff revisions that will allow transmission owners to recover transmission revenue shortfalls attributed to transitioning their assets into the Extended Day-Ahead Market.
NV Energy
NV Energy IRP Describes $1.76B Cost Jump for Greenlink Projects

Rising costs of materials and labor and an increased use of H-frame structures as an environmental mitigation have contributed to a $1.755 billion increase in the projected cost of NV Energy’s Greenlink transmission projects.

Market Footprint Critical for EDAM Decision, NV Energy Says
The growing footprint of CAISO’s Extended Day-Ahead Market was a critical factor in NV Energy’s decision to join it rather than the competing Markets+ offering from SPP, the utility said in a regulatory filing.
Business Wire
NV Energy Confirms Intent to Join CAISO’s EDAM

NV Energy intends to join CAISO’s Extended Day-Ahead Market, an official with the utility said, notching a major win for the ISO in its competition with SPP’s Markets+ day-ahead offering in the West.

NV Energy
NV Energy to Join CAISO’s Extended Day-Ahead Market
NV Energy plans to make its intention to join the CAISO EDAM public on May 31 when it files an integrated resource plan with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada.
WW Clyde
Is NV Energy Leaning to CAISO’s EDAM?
An NV Energy executive provided the strongest public indication yet as to why the utility is poised to choose the ISO's Extended Day-Ahead Market over SPP’s Markets+.
Nevada Power Exempted from Market Power Filing Requirement
FERC granted Nevada Power an exemption simplifying the NV Energy subsidiary’s filing of its triennial updated market power analysis.
SPP Markets+ Tariff Sparks Concerns for PacifiCorp, NV Energy
Although PacifiCorp formally committed to joining CAISO’s Extended Day-Ahead Market, the utility is still voicing concerns about a competing day-ahead market, SPP’s Markets+, in a FERC filing. 
Nevada RTO Proceeding Examines EDAM, Markets+ Design

Two competing day-ahead markets from CAISO and SPP are taking different approaches to resource sufficiency and adequacy, according to presenters at a workshop included in a regulatory effort to help inform NV Energy’s decision on which market to join.

Brattle Group
Nev. RTO Effort Turns Focus to NV Energy Day-ahead Studies
A key factor in the CAISO EDAM advantage is the benefits the utility would lose by leaving the Western Energy Imbalance Market, a Brattle Group consultant said.

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