June 24, 2024

NYISO Installed Capacity/Market Issues Working Group (ICAP-MIWG)

Analysis Group
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: March 13, 2024
The NYISO Business Issues Committee approved proposed tariff changes to allow energy storage resources co-located with a dispatchable generator behind a single point of interjection to participate in the markets.
Constellation Energy Corp
Hydrogen Getting Resource-specific Rules in NYISO Markets
NYISO initiated steps toward integrating hydrogen into its market, aiming for technology-agnostic rules to foster clean energy innovation.
NYISO Finds No Need for New Capacity Zones
The ISO's New Capacity Zone study indicates that New York's six highway interfaces have sufficient transmission capacity, making establishment of new capacity zones unnecessary.
NYISO Stakeholders Balk at Proposed Day-Ahead Market for Demand Resources
NYISO stakeholders continued their criticism of the ISO’s effort to improve its demand response programs, saying it has inadequately addressed their concerns.
NYISO: Costs of Mitigation Tool Bug Negligible

NYISO said a market software problem identified this year in the day-ahead and real-time ancillary services markets had a negligible financial impact and did not result in any market manipulation.

NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Sept. 14, 2023
NYISO secured Business Issues Committee approval of the ISO’s proposal to create separate capacity demand curves for summer and winter beginning with the 2025/2026 capability year.
NYISO Investigating Storage as Transmission
NYISO has begun the process of studying how energy storage resources can be considered as traditional transmission assets.
Potomac Economics
NYISO MMU Calls for Improved Shortage Pricing, More Capacity Zones
NYISO needs to improve shortage pricing and create smaller capacity zones, the ISO’s market monitoring unit reports in its 2022 State of the Market report.
NYISO Study to Examine Future Winter Security Risks
An upcoming fuel and energy security study will examine the combined impacts of electric generation trends and extended cold snaps on NYISO system reliability.
NYISO Seeking to Increase Emissions Transparency
NYISO gave ICAP/MIWG proposed methodology for measuring implied marginal emission rates to increase transparency around New York’s emissions output.

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