June 24, 2024

NYISO Operating Committee

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NYCA Surpasses 5,000 MW of Installed BTM Solar
NYISO announced that New York's behind-the-meter solar capacity has exceeded 5,000 MW, a significant step towards the state's 2030 goal of 10,000 MW in distributed solar energy.
NYISO Braces for the Coming Winter
NYISO will see improved transmission deliverability within its borders and with PJM this winter but reduced interchange with ISO-NE, stakeholders were told.
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NYISO Operating Committee Briefs: July 22, 2023
The NYISO Operating Committee reviewed June's operations and approved manuals to support distributed energy resources market implementation.
NYISO Operating Committee Briefs: June 22, 2023
The OC cleared a final administrative hurdle for a Long Island public policy transmission needs project and learned details about May's operations.

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