July 21, 2024

Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER)

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NERC Balks at Expansion of Cyber Rules
NERC will not support expanding physical security standards to all major BPS assets when it files comments with FERC next month, a senior official told EPSA.
Senate ENR
Senate Energy Comm. Ponders Change in Cybersecurity Authorities
Senators discussed new bills that would give FERC authority over gas pipeline cybersecurity and change how DOE handles cyber threats.
Federal and State Regulators Look into How to Improve Grid Security
The sixth meeting of the Joint Federal State Task Force on Transmission focused on securing the grid against physical attacks.
Gas-electric Coordination ‘Achille’s Heel’ of Energy Transition, NERC Summit Told
Gas-electric coordination is becoming the “Achille’s heel of the energy transition,” ISO-NE CEO Gordon van Welie told the NERC Reliability Leadership Summit.
FERC-DOE Technical Conference Considers New Standards for Supply Chain Threats
Supply chain threats have evolved since FERC directed NERC to develop standards covering them, but there's no consensus on whether they should be updated.

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