April 15, 2024

offshore wind renewable energy certificate (OREC)

Empire Wind
Empire Wind 2 Cancels OSW Agreement with New York
Equinor and bp have terminated the offtake agreement with New York for the Empire Wind 2 project.
NJ Seeks to Advance Sole OSW Project After Ørsted Withdrawal

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities dismissed a citizen petition seeking to reassess the cost to ratepayers of Atlantic Shores, the state's sole offshore wind project in active development.

EDP Renewables
NY Sets New Wind Record amid Uncertainty over Future OSW Projects
NYISO announced that the state broke its hourly wind generation record Sunday, generating 1,939 MW from 28 wind power facilities.
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NY State Reliability Council Executive Committee Briefs: June 9, 2023
New York’s installed reserves margin study may be too optimistic in its emergency assistance assumptions, according to a presentation given to the NYSRC.
OSW Developers Seeking More Money from New York
Developers of offshore wind in New York said Wednesday that decades-high inflation and interest rates mean deals negotiated years ago aren't viable anymore.

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