December 11, 2023

Ohio Valley Electric Corp. (OVEC)

FunksBrother, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Ohio PUC Opens 2021 Audit of OVEC Charges for Public Comment
Built by power companies for the DOD during the Cold War, Ohio Valley Electric Corp. is now part of a war fought by enviros against regulators, utilities.
Lion Electric
Decarbonizing Midwest Economies? It Depends on the State
Illinois is decarbonizing its electric generation, and Minnesota is focusing on EVs and transit emissions, but Ohio is keeping a coal plant subsidy.
Energy Harbor Settles with Solar Co. for $66M
Energy Harbor will pay almost $66 million to cancel a solar purchase power agreement signed by its predecessor, FirstEnergy Solutions.
Energy Harbor to Pay OVEC $32.5M in Settlement
Energy Harbor has agreed to pay OVEC $32.5 million and drop its attempt to abrogate a 30-year power purchase agreement.
FERC OKs FES Sale to Bondholders
FERC approved FirstEnergy Solutions’ bankruptcy plan by allowing investment funds to convert secured and unsecured bond claims into a 50% equity stake.
FirstEnergy Challenges Nuke Vote in Ohio Supreme Court
FirstEnergy Solutions asked the Ohio Supreme Court to block a vote to repeal $150 million in subsidies for its two nuclear plants.
Ohio Nuke Ballot Petition Approved
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost approved a draft petition to repeal the nuclear subsidy program, giving supporters seven weeks to get 265,000 signatures.
UPDATED: Ohio Activist Unfazed by Denial of Nuke Petition
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost rejected a draft petition to repeal the state’s nuclear subsidy program via ballot referendum, citing factual errors.
Ohio Approves Nuke Subsidy
Ohio legislators approved a bill to subsidize FirstEnergy Solutions’ nuclear plants on Lake Erie, providing a lifeline to the industry in PJM.
Ohio Senate Clears Nuke Subsidy Bill
The Ohio Senate passed the Clean Air Act to curb state renewable energy mandates and create subsidies for nuclear and coal plants.

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