November 28, 2023

Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E)

FERC Rejects Protest of SPP PRM Increase
FERC rejected a complaint by three SPP members seeking to overturn the RTO’s decision last year to increase its planning reserve margin from 12% to 15%.
OGE Energy Sees Growing Demand from Crypto and Commercial Load
OGE Energy released its fourth-quarter earnings, which showed continued load growth in its footprint in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
Xcel Energy
FERC Partially Grants Z2 Protests Against SPP
FERC partially granted three complaints filed by members against SPP related to its revenue crediting process under Attachment Z2 of its tariff.
OGE Energy
OGE Benefits from Enable Midstream’s Sale
OGE has shed 77% of its investment in Enable Midstream Partners for an $813 million return at an average price of $11.09/unit, a 33% premium since December.
Oklahoma Gas and Electric
DC Circuit Upholds FERC Ruling on SPP Z2 Saga
The D.C. Circuit backed FERC's reversal of a waiver over SPP transmission upgrade costs, even though it resulted in a “free pass” for some system users.
SPP Stakeholders Fill Open Committee Positions
SPP’s Corporate Governance Committee approved nominations for several open positions on stakeholder groups to go before the Board of Directors.
FERC Approves GIAs, Rejects OG&E Challenge
FERC accepted two previously rejected unexecuted generator interconnection agreements between SPP, OG&E and a pair of wind farms.
SPP MOPC Recommends 5-Year Timetable for Resolving $849M Z2 Bill
More than five hours of presentations and stakeholder discussions over two days did little to resolve SPP’s albatross of Z2 credits.
SPP Awards First Order 1000 Project — But it May Not be Needed
SPP awarded its first competitively bid transmission project under Order 1000 -- but it may not be built because of declining load forecasts.
Wind Growth Causes SPP to Take 2nd Look at Tx Projects
The SPP MOPC asked staff to re-evaluate whether two transmission projects should have their need dates accelerated given wind energy growth.

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