May 21, 2024

OMS-RSC Seams Liaison Committee

Organization of MISO States
Regulators Press on SPP-MISO Rate Pancaking
MISO and SPP state regulators are trying to inventory the instances and costs of duplicate transmission charges along their seams to mitigate rate pancaking.
MISO-SPP Targeted Interconnection Study Moves Forward
The MISO-SPP joint targeted interconnection queue study has moved into its technical phase with a promise of more stakeholder involvement.
SPP RSC Finalizes Recommendations for SLC
SPP’s state regulators agreed on revisions to a package of recommendations, including one that prioritizes resolving rate pancaking.
MISO, SPP Regulators Call for Pancaking Fix, Smaller Projects
SPP and MISO regulators would like to see the RTOs improve seams relations by resolving rate pancaking and adding a smaller interregional project category.
SPP Seams Steering Committee Briefs: Nov. 12, 2020
SPP staff have been meeting with MISO staff as they scope the RTOs' joint transmission study of potential projects along their seam.
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MISO, SPP Regulators Eye Seams Finish Line
MISO and SPP state regulators appear intent on completing their work to improve their interregional coordination before 2021 arrives.
MISO, SPP Respond to Monitors’ Seams Studies
MISO’s and SPP’s state regulators gave the RTOs’ staffs an opportunity to respond to their monitors’ suggestions for improving interregional coordination.
MISO, SPP to Conduct Targeted Transmission Study
MISO and SPP announced a yearlong transmission study to identify projects with “comprehensive, cost-effective and efficient upgrades.”
MISO, SPP Regulators Ponder Monitors’ Recommendations
MISO’s and SPP’s market monitors presented their last report to state regulators working to improve the RTOs’ interregional coordination.
MISO, SPP Regulators Mull Seams Recommendations
MISO and SPP regulators are close to asking the RTOs for improvements to transmission operations on their seam as their market monitors wind down a study.

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