May 29, 2024

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (OR DEQ)

Portland General Electric
Oregon Report Calls for Greater Heavy-duty EV Incentives
When it comes to zero-emission truck incentive programs, Oregon stakeholders want to see a program similar to California’s popular HVIP.
Oregon Bans Gas-powered Car Sales by 2035
The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission voted to adopt California's Advanced Clean Car II rules banning the sale of gas-powered passenger vehicles by 2035.
Go Electric Oregon
Oregon DEQ Foresees Economic, Equity Benefits from ACC II
Oregon’s adoption of California’s ACC II rules could cost automakers up to $3 billion but yield $5.8 billion in economic benefits for the Beaver State by 2040.
Oregon DEQ
Oregon Moving Quickly to Adopt Advanced Clean Cars II Rules
Oregon regulators are racing to adopt by year-end a California rule requiring all new cars sold in the state to be zero-emission or plug-in hybrid by 2035.
Oregon DEQ
Oregon Moving to Adopt California’s Advanced Clean Cars II Rules
Oregon is setting a course to adopt proposed California regulations that would require both states to phase out the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035.
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Winds of Climate Change Policy Sweep Through West in 2021
Western states produced a whirlwind of climate initiatives last year, advancing numerous bills and regulations to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.
Oregon DEQ
Oregon Adopts GHG Cap-and-invest Program
Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission voted 3-1 to approve rules setting declining caps on GHGs from fuel suppliers, cutting their emissions 90% by 2050.
Oregon Department of Energy
Oregon Effort Seeks to ‘Close the Gap’ on GHG Goals
Oregon's Department of Energy kicked off an effort intended to identify and analyze the many efforts the state might undertake to meet its GHG reduction goals.
Oregon Metro
Oregon Adopts Nation’s Strictest Landfill Emissions Rules
Oregon’s EQC approved the most stringent landfill emissions standards in the U.S., part of an effort to reduce the release of heat-trapping methane.
Sierra Club
Oregon GHG Cap Plan Faces Critics from Both Flanks
Some Oregon residents and environmental advocates criticized the DEQ's proposal to reduce GHGs as not ambitious enough, while industry said they go too far.

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