November 30, 2023

Organization of MISO States (OMS)

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OMS Leaders Reminisce on 20 Years at Annual Meeting
OMS took time to celebrate its 20-year anniversary at its annual meeting while exploring familiar themes of restructuring resource adequacy and barriers to large transmission buildout.
Annual OMS DER Survey Records 1-GW Rise in MISO Residential Capacity
The Organization of MISO States’ sixth annual survey on amounts of distributed energy resources in MISO tracked a nearly 1 GW rise in residential DERs year over year.
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MISO South Support for Sloped Demand Curve Wanes on Opt-out Provision
State regulators of MISO South are withholding support for MISO’s plan to implement a sloped demand curve in its capacity auctions based on a proposed option for states to shield themselves from the effects.
OMS-MISO RA Survey Signals Potential for 9-GW Shortfall by 2028
MISO and the Organization of MISO States’ resource adequacy survey warned that a more than 9-GW shortfall could loom by the decade’s end, though it painted an adequate supply picture for the upcoming year.
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OMS RA Summit: Accreditation, Demand Curves, Retirements
MISO players weighed the RTO’s recent moves to fortify resource adequacy, including seasonal capacity, accreditation approaches a downward-sloping demand curve.
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MISO Unveils New Seasonal Auction Timeline, Ratio
MISO will fire up its capacity auction machinery beginning April 18 after it was forced to delay the auction last month on a FERC order.
State Regulators Endorse New Demand Curve in MISO Capacity Auction
The Organization of MISO States has publicly announced that using a downward-sloping demand curve in MISO’s capacity auction could be a good idea.
DOE Opens Applications for $6B in Grid Funding
DOE invited applications for $6 billion in funding to improve the grid, part of the largest federal investment ever in transmission and distribution.
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OMS RA Summit Confronts Midwestern Supply Squeeze
State regulatory staff and MISO executives found no easy answers to solve a burgeoning reliability crisis after converging for a resource adequacy summit.
MISO Describes Bleak RA Future, Stakeholders Push Back
MISO executives issued warnings about its future resource adequacy in front of its board of directors while some state regulators and stakeholders pushed back.

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