June 24, 2024

OurEnergyPolicy (OEP)

EPA Launches $7B Solar for All Program
The EPA launched a $7 billion grant competition to expand residential solar in low-income communities.
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Webinar Wades into Push to Revise US Permitting Rules
The U.S. must change permitting processes to deploy federal infrastructure money and ensure CO2 reductions needed to avoid the worst climate change impacts.
Our Energy Policy
OurEnergyPolicy Examines Role of Competition in the Energy Transition
An OurEnergyPolicy webinar looked into how competitive markets can help with the transition to a cleaner grid.
Our Energy Policy
Energy Storage Market Faces Innovation, Supply Chain Challenges
Despite supply challenges, the storage industry is innovating to optimize the value of lithium-ion batteries while also developing long-duration alternatives.
Panelists Discuss Obstacles to Rooftop Solar Installation
Regulated electric utilities are an obstacle to the growth of home and community solar and will hinder decarbonization, said solar developer Distributed Sun.
USA Rare Earth
Critical Minerals: America’s Achilles Heel?
An OurEnergyPolicy webinar focused on the importance of minerals to U.S. decarbonization and the vulnerability created by relying on imports.
Xcel Energy
Think Tank Stresses Reliability in Energy Policy Principles
Energy-focused think tank OurEnergyPolicy released a set of principles stressing the importance of reliability in the clean energy transition.
Probing the Pros and Cons of Enacting a Federal Clean Energy Standard
OurEnergyPolicy brought in experts on both sides of the debate to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a national clean energy standard.
Senate Democrats
Sen. Markey Fights for Climate, Clean Energy Funding via Reconciliation
Sen. Ed Markey is joining Democrats in a plan to use budget reconciliation for funding programs that address the climate crisis.

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