May 23, 2024

Patti Poppe

Pacific Gas and Electric
PG&E Foresees Strong Growth from Electrification, Data Centers
California’s “leadership in electrification” will be a key driver of Pacific Gas and Electric’s expected customer growth over the next five years, CEO Patti Poppe said during an earnings call.
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Western Grid Challenges Weighed at WCPSC Meeting
Western regulators heard from a power panel of CEOs on maintaining grid reliability in the face of fires, storms, extreme heat and supply chain disruptions.
PG&E Scales Back Plan to Underground Lines
PG&E CEO Patti Poppe said the utility is slowing the pace of its efforts to bury 10,000 miles of distribution lines to prevent wildfire ignitions.
U.S. Forest Service
PG&E Faces $255M in New Wildfire Fines, Costs
PG&E said in a Q3 earnings call it faces $100 million in costs from this year's Mosquito Fire, plus a $155 million fine for the deadly Zogg Fire in 2020.
PG&E Plans to Spend $25B to Bury Lines
In a Q4 call, PG&E for the first time put a price tag of more than $25 billion on its proposal to underground 10,000 miles of lines in high-threat fire areas.

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