December 11, 2023

peak demand

ABC13's Travis Herzog via Facebook
ERCOT: Normal Ops as Demand Hits Records

The ERCOT grid continues to operate under normal conditions, the grid operator said, even as this summer’s peak demand is 4.3% higher than last summer’s.

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ERCOT Briefs: Week of June 26, 2023
Former EIA Administrator Linda Capuano has been appointed to ERCOT's Board of Directors.
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Under the Dome: ERCOT Sets Peak Demand Marks
ERCOT is setting records for peak demand in what has been described as "hellacious" temperatures, "even by Texas standards."
MISO Operators Helm Uneventful May
May in MISO proved no trouble for control room operators.
NPCC Warns of Tight Summer Margins in Ontario
Canada’s Ontario and Maritimes provinces may have to rely on energy imports and operating procedures to meet energy needs this summer, the NPCC said.
WECC Report Reviews State of the Western Interconnection
Among the topics covered by WECC’s State of the Interconnection report, one subject stands out: the impact of extreme natural events on the Western grid.
Triple-digit Temps Continue to Roast Texas
Persistent triple-digit temperatures across much of Texas have forced ERCOT to issue yet another operating condition notice as it flirts with 80-GW demand.
National Weather Service
ERCOT Sets Record for Demand … Again
ERCOT demand set a new demand mark for the 11th time this year as a heat dome over the Southern Plains continues to produce record-breaking temperatures.
ERCOT, SPP Continue to Battle Extreme Heat
ERCOT demand flirted with 80 GW for the first time as the Texas grid operator set yet another record, its 10th, for peak demand this year.
ERCOT Demand Hits Record for 9th Time
Warnings that this week would include the highest temperatures yet this summer proved to be accurate as ERCOT set yet another record for peak demand.

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