July 21, 2024

peak load

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PJM OC Briefs: Nov. 2, 2023
PJM's Operating Committee recommended high winter weekly reserve target values due to the inclusion of data from December 2022’s Winter Storm Elliott.
MISO Reports Lower Prices over September Operations
Energy prices continued a year-over-year downward trajectory in September, MISO operations data showed.
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Conservation Helps ERCOT Meet High Demand
ERCOT officials issued their first voluntary conservation call of the year Tuesday as demand peaked within less than 1 GW of the RTO's peak-demand record during an oppressive heat wave.
Cal Advocates
California EV Grid Fixes Could Cost $35B Less than Estimated
Upgrading California’s grid to serve millions of electric vehicles could cost far less than the $50 billion that a recent study indicated, Cal Advocates say.
California Energy Commission
CAISO’s New Renewables Record Falls Hair Short of 100%
For a moment on April 30, CAISO was able to serve 99.87% of its native load with renewable energy, beating the 97.6% record set just a month earlier.
MISO Says Dicey Fall Operations Ahead
MISO expects a chance for an emergency every month this fall, with the possibility of burning through the entirety of its emergency resource reserves.
Stakeholders Endorse but Question PJM’s Load Model
PJM stakeholders unanimously endorsed the 2021 reserve requirement study but requested more modeling on the impacts of extreme weather conditions.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: May 13, 2019
NYISO's Business Issues Committee approved a proposed Tariff revision that redefines acceptable collateral for foreign market participants.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs
PJM’s Operating Committee reviewed tightened metering requirements and approved sunsetting the Systems Information Committee, reassigning its responsibilities to the Data Management Subcommittee and the new Tech Change Forum.
UPDATE: ERCOT Surpasses 70,000 MW, Sets Six Hourly Peak Demand Records
ERCOT broke the 70,000-MW barrier for the first time Monday afternoon, setting a new systemwide hourly peak demand that may not last the week.

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