June 24, 2024

performance assessment hours (PAHs)

Judges Skeptical of Capacity Sellers in PJM Offer Cap Dispute
Generators faced skeptical questioning from D.C. Circuit judges in their bid to overturn PJM’s capacity offer cap rules.
AEP Ohio
PJM Orders Load Sheds in AEP Following Storms
More than 200,000 AEP customers in Ohio lost power after storms damaged multiple transmission lines and forced load sheds on at least three 138-kV lines.
FERC Backs PJM IMM on Market Power Claim
FERC ordered PJM to revise its market seller offer cap to prevent sellers from exercising market power in the RTO’s capacity market.
Monitor Defends Offer Cap Complaint
The Independent Market Monitor fired back at PJM’s request that FERC dismiss its complaint about the RTO’s default market seller offer cap.
PJM: Dismiss Monitor’s Offer Cap Complaint
PJM wants FERC to toss out the Independent Market Monitor’s complaint about its default market seller offer cap.
Monitor Says PJM’s Capacity Market not Competitive
Unsound rules for calculating default market seller offer caps and other persistent structural flaws made PJM’s capacity market uncompetitive in 2018, the RTO’s Monitor said.
Monitor Asks FERC to Cut PJM Capacity Offer Cap
PJM’s Independent Market Monitor asked FERC to order changes to the RTO’s Capacity Performance assumptions, saying the current rules allow sellers to exercise market power.
2nd Load Shed of PJM’s CP Era Follows Closely on 1st
PJM ordered its second load shed event since implementing Capacity Performance in 2015 less than two months after ordering the first.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: June 5, 2018
PJM experienced 77 emergency procedures in May, staff told attendees at last week’s Operating Committee meeting.
PJM Market Implementation Committee Briefs: June 6, 2018
PJM staff outlined their proposal for registering aggregations of seasonal Demand Response (DR) resources that can’t comply with the year-round requirements of Capacity Performance.

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