December 2, 2023


California Localities Work to Expedite Rooftop Solar Permitting
At least 44 California cities now automate permitting for residential rooftop solar projects, following passage of a state law last year requiring them to adopt a permitting platform.
NRDC Lays out Responsible Tx Expansion Recommendations

The U.S. must double the number of transmission projects permitted and built each year to meet its clean energy potential, according to the NRDC.

Great River Energy
DOE Announces $300M for Tx Siting, Community Development
DOE announced $300 million in grants is available to states, local governments and tribes under its Transmission Siting and Economic Development Program.
DOE Proposes Streamlined Federal Transmission Permitting
The Department of Energy proposes a framework for faster, more efficient federal permitting of power transmission proposals.
Senate ENR Committee
Members of Congress Debate Transmission Permitting
Congress has been talking about changing permitting laws this year, but its still unclear whether the two parties will be able to strike a deal.
Calif. Legislature Approves Key Infrastructure Bills

California lawmakers OK’d Gov. Newsom’s package of infrastructure bills to speed clean energy development, sending the measures to Newsom for his signature.

Calif. Governor, Lawmakers Agree on Infrastructure Bills
California Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders reached a budget deal that includes most of Newsom's controversial energy infrastructure bills.
Lawmakers, White House Promise More Work on Permitting After Debt Deal
Debt deal limits page counts and time on environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act, but other work remains, and frustrations surface.
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California Bill to Speed Transmission Development Passes State Senate
The bill to accelerate development of new transmission lines passed the state Senate on a vote of 36-0 and is now headed for the lower house.
Speaker Kevin McCarthy
Debt Ceiling Bill Provides ‘Mini-deal’ on Permitting
A debt ceiling compromise reached by President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy would cut NEPA review times but would not roll back IRA climate provisions.

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