April 21, 2024

PJM Industrial Customer Coalition (ICC)

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PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Feb. 22, 2024
A group of demand response providers in PJM proposed adding two hours to the availability window that binds when the resource can be deployed by the RTO.
Panelists Debate PJM Capacity Market at FERC Forum
PJM officials and stakeholders told FERC they oppose abandoning the RTO’s capacity market but disagree over the degree to which it needs to be changed.
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PJM Challenged on Oversight of ‘Immediate Need’ Transmission Projects
Consumer advocates, industrial consumers and municipals asked FERC to force PJM to require incumbent TOs to sign agreements on immediate-need projects.
FERC Sets Hearing on Industrials’ Challenge to PJM Administrative Rates
FERC ordered hearing and settlement procedures in response to industrial customers’ protest of PJM's proposed revisions to its administrative rates.
PJM Interconnection
PJM Stakeholders Blast TOs’ Petition to Rate-base Network Upgrades
Protesters urged FERC to reject a bid by PJM transmission owners to fund network upgrades and add them to their rate bases.
UPDATED: PJM to Seek FERC OK for Seasonal Capacity Proposal
PJM officials said they will seek FERC approval of the RTO’s seasonal capacity proposal despite a lack of stakeholder consensus.
PJM Markets and Reliability Members Committees Briefs
A summary of measures approved by the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members Committees on Oct. 27, 2015.
FERC Questions May Delay New DR Rules
PJM’s plan to implement new demand response rules in time for the May capacity auction are in doubt following a FERC order requiring the RTO to provide more information to support its proposal.
MIC OKs Manual Changes Over DR Protests
PJM members endorsed rules describing when economic demand response is eligible for compensation, over the objections of some demand response providers, who said they are unfair.
Transmission Owners Assert Jurisdiction on Methodology Issue
PJM Transmission owners said they will address transparency concerns over their load calculations, but insisted the issue be resolved by their committee rather than in the MRC.

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