June 17, 2024

planning futures

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MISO Defends Fleet Predictions over Monitor’s Skepticism
Doubts continue to swirl around which version of MISO’s future fleet mix is appropriate for long-range transmission planning — the Independent Market Monitor’s or the RTO’s itself.
MISO: Long-range Tx Needed for 369 GW in Interconnections
MISO laid out why it needs a 2nd LRTP portfolio, saying it will connect hundreds of gigawatts of new resources in the next 20 years to avoid reliability crises.
MISO Begins Pondering Future Market Changes
MISO said its markets will need renovation as it braces for systems rife with renewables and extreme weather uncertainty.
MISO Reveals Contentious Long-range Tx Project Map
MISO unveiled a first look at possible long-range transmission projects, igniting testy exchanges between stakeholders over the necessity of grid expansion.
MISO Begins Longterm Tx Modeling
MISO will draw on its new planning futures to build the first set of models that could result in the long-term transmission plan’s first projects.
MISO Winds down MTEP 20 Planning, Focuses on 2021
MISO is wrapping up its 2020 Transmission Expansion Plan and eyeing next year’s planning cycle, with more renewable energy predictions.
SPP MOPC Briefs: July 15-16, 2020
SPP stakeholders once again took a crack to resolve a weighty issue in determining how futures will be considered in the RTO’s 2021 transmission plan study.
MISO Foresees Massive Shift to Renewables by 2040
MISO said it foresees hundreds of gigawatts in mostly carbon-free resource additions by 2040, according to its new transmission planning future scenarios.
COVID-19, Electrification Stir MISO Futures Debate
MISO presented stakeholders a long-awaited set of planning futures it insists are final despite calls for an additional scenario that models a downturn stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.
MISO PAC Briefs: March 11, 2020
MISO will allow stakeholders an additional month to file their opinions on the RTO’s draft 2021 transmission planning futures scenarios.

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