April 17, 2024

planning reserve margin (PRM)

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MISO Crunching Data for 2nd Seasonal Capacity Auction
Key deadlines already have arrived for MISO’s spring capacity auction, while MISO has hiked its planning reserve margin for the 2024/25 planning year.
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‘Therapy Session’: SPP REAL Team Reviews Draft LOLE Study
SPP REAL Team members conducted a “therapy session” in forming a consensus position around its schedule and priorities for 2024.
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California PUC Launches New Resource Adequacy Proceeding
California utility regulators voted to launch a proceeding to establish rules and requirements for the state’s resource adequacy program from 2025 to 2028.
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SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: July 10-11, 2023

SPP stakeholders endorsed a tariff revision request that adds a winter resource adequacy requirement for load-responsible entities bound by the grid operator’s recent planning reserve margin increase.

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MISO Intent on Marginal Accreditation and Requirements Based on Risky Hours
MISO is holding to its plan to enact a widescale marginal capacity accreditation while swapping risky hours for peak load to calculate its reserve margin requirements.
FERC Rejects Protest of SPP PRM Increase
FERC rejected a complaint by three SPP members seeking to overturn the RTO’s decision last year to increase its planning reserve margin from 12% to 15%.
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FERC Approves SPP’s Resource Adequacy Changes
FERC has approved SPP tariff revisions of resource adequacy requirements that would provide LREs with an alternative approach to deficiency payments.
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FERC Rejects SPP Self-funding Proposal for TOs
FERC has rejected SPP tariff revisions that would help transmission owners continue to self-fund network upgrades to interconnect generators.
SPP MOPC Briefs: April 10-11, 2023
SPP staff and stakeholders spent much of last week’s virtual Markets and Operations Policy Committee meeting discussing resource adequacy.
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MISO Unveils New Seasonal Auction Timeline, Ratio
MISO will fire up its capacity auction machinery beginning April 18 after it was forced to delay the auction last month on a FERC order.

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