April 16, 2024

Plug Power

New York Governors Office
NY Moves to Boost Hydrogen Production and Development
New York announced two efforts to help boost hydrogen as a means of reaching its emission-reduction goals, including energy investments from NYPA and NYSERDA.
Plug Power
Fuel Cell, Electrolyzer Maker Plug Power Reports Q1 Loss
Plug Power posted a first-quarter loss of $206.6 million but still has cash on hand for ambitious expansion of hydrogen-related projects.
Plug Power
Fuel Cell Maker Plug Power Has Global Ambitions
Plug Power says it has the technology to build large fuel cell systems and power them with green hydrogen from a fleet of factories it is now building.
Plug Power
Hydrogen: ‘Holy Grail’ or Rabbit Hole?
The gulf between the promise of hydrogen and the ability to make enough of it to help safely decarbonize the grid is a challenge now coming into public focus. 
Green Hydrogen Plant Planned for Pa.
Plans are in place to build a green hydrogen production plant in Pennsylvania that the developers say will be one of the first of its kind in North America.

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