December 11, 2023


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FERC Approves CAISO Wheel-through Rule Changes

FERC approved a raft of CAISO tariff changes intended to ease temporary restrictions on wheeling power through the ISO’s grid under emergency conditions.

WEIM Sees Record Q1 Benefits with Growth of Footprint
CAISO’s Western Energy Imbalance Market yielded members $418.82 million in economic benefits during the first three months of 2023, a first-quarter record.
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Western Day-Ahead Markets Debated at CREPC-WIRAB
Panelists at the CREPC-WIRAB spring meeting argued over whether the West would benefit more from a day-ahead market run by CAISO or with another run by SPP.
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Western RA Program Secures First ‘Binding’ Phase Participants
Nearly a dozen utilities committed to joining the “binding” iteration of the Western Resource Adequacy Program, with more expected to sign on later this month.
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CAISO Stakeholders Weigh EDAM Proposal
CAISO stakeholders commented on elements of the revised straw proposal to add an extended day-ahead market to the Western Energy Imbalance Market.
SPP’s Markets+ Offering Attracts 6 More Western Entities
Seven Western entities have now expressed support for participating in the next phase of SPP's market development in the Western Interconnection.
Western Utilities to Support SPP Market Development
A group of Western utilities plans to help SPP develop its Markets+ program in the West and to examine the benefits of joining it or CAISO's day-ahead market.
CAISO Reports High Energy Prices in Q4
A CAISO market report says high natural gas prices drove a 50% run-up in electricity costs in Q4 2021, hitting the Western Energy Imbalance Market as well.
Implementation Underway for NWPP’s Western RA Market
NWPP took its first steps implementing its Western Resource Adequacy Program, allowing participants to submit resource data for a “nonbinding” phase.
Orders Signal Wind-down of Western Energy Crisis Disputes
FERC issued a set of orders signaling the disputes around the Western energy crisis of 2000/01 might finally be winding down.

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