July 20, 2024


RF Levies $30K Penalty for Twin Ridges Oversights
ReliabilityFirst's penalty settlement comes as the Twin Ridges facility transitions to its third owner in four years.
Andrewkjohnson2112, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FERC Approves $272K in ERO Standard Violation Penalties
Facility ratings accounted for two reliability standard violations carrying a total penalty of $272,000.
NERC Takes Step Toward New IBR Standard
NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward with four standards development projects, including one that could lead to new rules for inverter-based resources.
SERC Webinar Highlights Internal Control Issues
It should be “no surprise” which operation and planning standards are most often violated in SERC, the RE told attendees at its spring reliability webinar.
FERC Approves Penalties in SERC, RF Footprints
Entergy will have to pay SERC $60,000 in penalties for violating NERC reliability standards, according to a Spreadsheet Notice of Penalty for September.
ITC Holdings
ITC to Pay $20k for NERC Standards Violations
FERC OK'd a settlement between ReliabilityFirst and ITC Transmission for violations of NERC reliability standards at the Dearborn Industrial Generation site.

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