April 17, 2024

Public Power Council (PPC)

WEIM Expert Calls for Fast-start Pricing to Address ‘Anomalies’

Fast-start pricing could fix certain “price anomalies” in CAISO markets more effectively than existing mechanisms for compensating ramping resources, the WEIM Governing Body’s market expert told the group.

Powerex Report Expands NW Cold Snap Debate

A new report from electricity marketer Powerex adds to the expanding debate around what transpired on the Western grid during a January cold snap that saw the Northwest forced to import large volumes of power.

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NW Freeze Response Shows WEIM Value, CAISO Report Says
The 80-page report represents the latest volley in an ongoing skirmish among Western electricity sector stakeholders over what exactly occurred on the regional grid during the Jan. 12-16 deep freeze.
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NW Cold Snap Dispute Reflects Divisions over Western Markets

A dispute around the January cold snap that forced Northwest utilities to sharply increase electricity imports to meet surging demand has become a proxy for the broader day-ahead market contest between CAISO and SPP.

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Northwest Public Power Group Endorses Markets+ over EDAM
The Public Power Council has asked the Bonneville Power Administration to choose SPP’s Markets+ when the agency issues its day-ahead market “leaning” in April.
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Western Pathways Initiative Sets Budget, Seeks Funders
Backers of an effort to create the framework for an independent Western RTO know how much money they’ll need to get things off the ground, and they’re seeking funders.
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Region Still Split as BPA Approaches Day-ahead Market Decision
The Bonneville Power Administration is pulling back from its ambitious schedule for choosing which Western day-ahead market it will join, officials with the federal power marketing administration said during a workshop.
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Plan Seeks to Boost Prospects for New Transmission in the West

The Western Power Pool floated a plan to revamp transmission planning in the West to spur development of the kind of large-scale transmission projects FERC’s Order 1000 has failed to produce.

SPP: 31 Entities Join in Markets+ Development
Thirty-one utilities, public interest groups and other entities have joined SPP's effort to develop and launch its Markets+ offering.
Washington Dept. of Ecology
Lacking Low-cost Power Agreement, Wash. Smelter Revival Falters
An effort to reopen Washington’s last standing aluminum plant with a lower carbon footprint faltered after BPA declined to guarantee low-cost energy.

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