December 2, 2023

Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA)

9th Circuit Upholds FERC’s Revisions to PURPA Regulations
A federal appeals court rejected a challenge to FERC’s 2020 revisions to how it enforces the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act.
AES, FirstEnergy Ask to End PPA for Warrior Run Coal Plant
AES and FirstEnergy asked the Maryland PSC to close the Warrior Run coal plant early, which would save consumers money while furthering climate change goals.
NC Utilities Commission Approves New Net-metering Rules for Duke
The North Carolina Utilities Commission largely approved Duke Energy’s proposal to update its net energy metering rules for residential rooftop solar customers.
Broad Reach Power
DC Circuit Upholds FERC on Montana PURPA Project
The D.C. Circuit upheld FERC's ruling certifying a Montana solar and storage project as a qualifying facility although it exceeded PURPA's 80-MW limit.
Santee Cooper
FERC’s Republicans Irked by Declarations in PURPA Complaint
FERC's Republican commissioners dissented in an otherwise typical PURPA order, criticizing the majority for making “unnecessary” declarations on the case.
FERC Rules in Three SPP Disputes
FERC ruled in three SPP dockets involving Tenaska, NorthWestern Energy and Nebraska Public Power District and Tri-State Generation and Transmission.
Pine Gate Renewables
NC Compromise Energy Bill Passes Senate, Heads Back to House
A bill in the North Carolina legislature would authorize the Utilities Commission to “take all reasonable steps” to achieve a 70% reduction in carbon.
Public Skeptical of New FERC Participation Office
Landowners told FERC that they doubted its new Office of Public Participation would improve the commission’s decision-making on natural gas infrastructure.
FERC Reverses Ruling on Montana QF
FERC reversed its September order denying a Montana solar hybrid project certification as a qualifying facility because its capacity was too large.
FERC Limits State ‘Opt Out’ on DR
FERC reversed its ruling giving state regulators power to prevent demand response from participating in DER aggregations.

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