May 29, 2024

pumped storage hydro (PSH)

FERC Denies Permit for Pumped Storage Hydro on Navajo Land
FERC denied an application for a 3.6-MW pumped storage hydropower facility on the Little Colorado River in Arizona —  entirely on Navajo Nation land — after the tribe protested that it had not been consulted with by the developer.
State of Massachusetts
ISO-NE Must Include Pumped Hydro in Inventoried Energy Program, FERC Rules

FERC sided with Brookfield Renewable in the company’s complaint against the RTO. The IEP is intended to compensate resources for storing extra fuel.

Closed-Loop Hydro’s Climate Impact Found Less Than Batteries

A new analysis of five forms of grid-scale energy storage finds that closed-loop pumped storage hydropower has the smallest climate impact.

New York Seeks to Define Zero Emissions
New York is looking at a broader array of solutions as fossil plants retire and not enough renewables come online.
Sandia National Laboratories
Long-duration Energy Storage Seen as Key to Future Grid
Industry and Department of Energy experts say long-duration energy storage is key to growing renewable energy and fixing the new transmission project backlog.
Rye Development
Wash. Approval of Pumped Storage Project Sparks Dissent
In approving a water quality certificate for a pumped storage project along the Columbia, Washington sparked protests from area tribes and some environmental groups.
HDR, Inc.
FERC Rejects Pump Storage Bid for ISO-NE Inventoried Energy Program
FERC rejected a request to include pump storage in ISO-NE’s Inventoried Energy Program despite protests that it should be treated like other storage resources.
State of Massachusetts
NEPOOL Splits with ISO-NE over Pumped Storage Eligibility for IEP
ISO-NE will not incorporate an amendment approved by the NEPOOL Participants Committee to include pumped storage resources in its Inventoried Energy Program.
Michigan Tech
Study: Old Mines Can Host New Pumped Storage
Michigan Tech researchers find that nearly 1000 abandoned and flooded mines in the U.S. have the potential to become long-term pumped storage facilities.
Hawaii PUC Approves Kauai Pumped Storage Project
Hawaii's PUC approved construction of the West Kauai Energy Project, a pumped storage hydropower project designed to produce 110 GWh of annual output.

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