July 23, 2024

Quad Cities nuclear plant

Illinois Zero-Emission Credit Suit Dismissed
A federal judge dismissed challenges to Illinois’ zero-emission credit program, saying the plaintiffs lacked standing.
Illinois Lawmakers Clear Nuke Subsidy
Illinois legislators on Thursday approved a bill to keep the Exelon Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear power plants operating for another decade.
Ill. Nuke Bailout Progresses; Exelon Reports Deal with Gov.
Illinois officials moved closer to a deal to save the Exelon Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear power plants following an agreement with the governor.
PJM Planning Committee and TEAC Briefs
The PJM Planning Committee and Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee (TEAC) considered the loss of the Quad Cities nuclear plant and discussed Order 1000 rules, $1.1 billion in end-of-life projects for PSE&G and the third RTEP window of the year.
Exelon to Close Quad Cities, Clinton Nuclear Plants
Exelon (NYSE:EXC) said it will close its Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear plants after the Illinois legislature failed to provide them financial relief.
Ill. Lawmakers Fail to Address Exelon, Dynegy Legislation
The Illinois legislature adjourned Tuesday without acting on a bill that Exelon (NYSE:EXC) says it needs to save the Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear plants.
Absent Legislation, Exelon to Close Clinton, Quad Cities Nukes
Exelon said it will close Clinton next summer and Quad Cities the following year if Illinois legislators fail to pass a bill to shore up the nuclear plants.
PJM Transition Auction Means Reprieve for Exelon Nukes
Capacity Performance resources cleared at $151.50/MW-day in the transition auction for the 2017/18 delivery year, PJM said Wednesday.
How Exelon Won by Losing
Exelon shareholders shed no tears last week over the news that five of the company’s nuclear units failed to clear PJM’s capacity auction. Analysts say the company will earn almost $150 million more in capacity revenue than it would have if all of the company’s capacity had cleared.

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