June 17, 2024

qualifying facility (QF)

Broad Reach Power
DC Circuit Upholds FERC on Montana PURPA Project
The D.C. Circuit upheld FERC's ruling certifying a Montana solar and storage project as a qualifying facility although it exceeded PURPA's 80-MW limit.
FERC Limits State ‘Opt Out’ on DR
FERC reversed its ruling giving state regulators power to prevent demand response from participating in DER aggregations.
FERC Proposes Updating PURPA Regs for Fuel Cells
Prompted by a petition from Bloom Energy, FERC proposed to include solid oxide fuel cells as qualifying cogeneration facilities under PURPA.
Montana Hybrid Ruling Departs from PURPA Precedent
FERC broke with precedent in a decision that will hamstring the ability of hybrid resource developers to optimize the output of projects.
FERC Issues Final Rule to ‘Modernize’ PURPA
FERC revised how it enforces PURPA, giving state regulatory commissions more flexibility in how they establish avoided-cost rates for qualifying facilities.
FERC Rejects Genbright Waiver on FCA14
FERC rejected a solar aggregator’s request to offer 14 DERs into ISO-NE’s 2020 Forward Capacity Auction despite a dispute over the interconnection status.
TerraForm Exempted from Certain PUHCA Rules
FERC ruled that it doesn’t need access to TerraForm Power’s accounting records under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 2005.
FERC to Reshape PURPA Rules
In a setback for developers of small power projects, FERC launched a rulemaking to overhaul regulations under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act.
Michigan PSC Settlement Resolves PURPA Clashes
The Michigan PSC approved a settlement between Consumers Energy and solar developers, resolving arguments over the utility’s obligations under PURPA.
CPUC Program ‘Runs Afoul’ of PURPA, Court Rules
The 9th Circuit found California’s Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff program violated PURPA by capping the energy utilities must purchase from QFs.

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