December 10, 2023

queue reform

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Advanced Energy United Urges Changes Beyond Order 2023 for ISO-NE
Advanced Energy United advocated for ISO-NE to exceed Order 2023's required changes in addressing its interconnection's high costs and long delays.
DOE Releases Draft Interconnection Roadmap Aimed at Fixing Queues
A Department of Energy draft report focuses on limiting speculative projects to increase system reliability and reduce cost uncertainty.
NYISO Unveils New Order 2023 Compliance Proposal at Inaugural IITF
NYISO at the inaugural IITF meeting presented a new proposal to reform its interconnection queue processes while complying with directives set out in FERC Order 2023.
FERC Order 2023 Gets Rehearing Requests from Around the Industry
FERC got rehearing requests on its interconnection queue reforms in Order 2023 this week from around the industry.
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NYISO ‘Still Digesting’ FERC Order 2023
NYISO gave initial comments and reactions to FERC Order 2023, but remained reluctant to divulge too much during its TPAS meeting.
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FERC Updates Interconnection Queue Process with Order 2023
FERC approved Order 2023 at its regular meeting, requiring changes to its pro forma interconnection queue that are aimed at clearing up the backlog of more than 2,000 GW of resources.
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MISO Aims for Manageable Interconnection Queue
MISO proposes megawatt limits on annual project proposals, tripled entry fees and escalating penalty charges in its quest to oust speculative projects and lighten its gridlocked interconnection queue.
NYISO Stakeholders Still Questioning Interconnection Queue Proposal
NYISO took another stab at clarifying the proposed class year queue window concept that will replace its current interconnection queue processes.
ACORE Report Highlights Billions of Dollars in PJM’s Generator Queue
An ACORE report found billions of dollars that PJM's queue reforms could unlock in the next few years, but added that proactive transmission planning could lead to even more renewables and their associated benefits being added to the grid.
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CAISO Tries to Shake up Its Interconnection Process
CAISO began a new stakeholder process to achieve "transformative improvements" to its overloaded interconnection queuing and management processes.

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