December 2, 2023


Eclipse Barely Dims CAISO Operations
CAISO maintained normal grid operations during the Oct. 14 solar eclipse, with swings in solar production that were more muted than models based on clear-sky conditions.
NextEra Energy
Groups Seek Hybrid Exemption from MISO Ban on Renewables Supplying Ramping
Clean energy groups in MISO have told FERC it should rethink its support of a ban on renewable energy in MISO’s ancillary service market because the commission didn’t consider hybrid resources.
CAISO Sheds Light on October Solar Eclipse Preparations
Sharp growth in California solar resources means the Oct. 14 annular eclipse should have even greater impact than 2017's total eclipses.

Ramping Shortfall Sparks CAISO’s 1st Summer Emergency
CAISO issued its first energy emergency alert of the summer after falling short on ramping capacity as solar output rolled off its system.  
Madison Gas and Electric
MISO Defends Renewable Ramping Stance to FERC
In a June 5 response to FERC, MISO defended its plan to bar renewable energy from supplying ramping reserves.
NextEra Energy
FERC Questions MISO Plan to Drop Renewables’ Ramp Eligibility
FERC last week told MISO it must provide more details around its plan to exclude wind and solar generation from supplying ramping service.
New Tech Needed for 100% Clean Energy, WECC Says
A WECC study found that the West needs emerging technologies capable of replicating the performance of gas plants to reach 100% clean energy by 2040.
MMU Releases Fall Market Reports for SPP, WEIS
SPP’s MMU is “strongly” recommending that TCRs' funding shortfall be considered a high-priority item, according to its latest quarterly market reports.
SPP MMU Releases Summer Market Reports
SPP’s MMU released its quarterly reports for its RTO and WEIS markets, saying it is evaluating rule changes in the latter to address limited ramp offerings.
Pattern Energy
MISO Warns of Extreme Future Ramp Needs After April Event
MISO staff said the footprint is in for more extreme ramping events after a late April drop in wind output. 

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