May 22, 2024

reliability coordinator (RC)

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NERC RSTC Briefs: June 8-9, 2022
NERC's Reliability and Security Technical Committee agreed to endorse two new standards projects at its meeting this week, while rejecting another.
Western Utilities to Support SPP Market Development
A group of Western utilities plans to help SPP develop its Markets+ program in the West and to examine the benefits of joining it or CAISO's day-ahead market.
SPP to Phase Out WEIS as New Market Offerings Expand
SPP said it plans to close its Western Energy Imbalance Service, with members joining either its proposed Markets+ program or its Western RTO.
NERC Issues Cold Weather Alert
NERC issued a Level 2 alert calling on registered entities to report their readiness for severe cold after multiple winter crises in recent years.
Sleepless in the West: RCs Discuss Biggest Concerns
WECC gathered leaders from the Western Interconnection’s four reliability coordinators to ask what keeps them up at night.
SPP Successfully Launches Western Market
SPP successfully launched its WEIS market, making it the first RTO with power markets in both the Western and Eastern Interconnections.
WECC Says Extreme Events Require Forecast, RA Changes
Western BAs should determine what caused errors in load and generation forecasts during August’s massive heat wave and fix their forecasting processes.
GridEx VI Planning Begins
Planning has begun for GridEx VI, which will test response to a coordinated attack from a nation-state adversary, Katherine Ledesma said.
SPP Quarterly Briefing/RSC Briefs: Oct. 26, 2020
The SPP Regional State Committee approved the nomination of South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner Kristie Fiegen as its next president.
SPP Expands its Western RC Footprint
SPP will add eight generating resources that are part of Gridforce’s balancing authority to its reliability coordinator footprint.

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