April 21, 2024

RENEW Northeast

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ISO-NE Order 2023 Compliance Proposal Fails to Pass NEPOOL TC
ISO-NE’s compliance proposal for Order 2023 failed to meet the voting threshold to receive support from the NEPOOL Transmission Committee.
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NEPOOL Nears a Vote on Order 2023 Compliance

The NEPOOL Transmission Committee will vote on ISO-NE compliance proposal and stakeholder amendments on Feb. 15.

Stakeholders Propose Amendments to ISO-NE Order 2023 Compliance
ISO-NE has proposed several deviations from the specific approach detailed in Order 2023, including a 270-day cluster study timeline instead of FERC’s 150-day timeline.
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FERC Rejects Pump Storage Bid for ISO-NE Inventoried Energy Program
FERC rejected a request to include pump storage in ISO-NE’s Inventoried Energy Program despite protests that it should be treated like other storage resources.
FERC Denies RENEW Northeast Complaint
FERC dismissed a complaint that alleged ISO-NE has “undue preference” for gas generators in its capacity accreditation, operating reserve rules.
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Comments Show Battle Lines over ISO-NE Interconnection Costs
ISO-NE and the region’s TOs have asked FERC to dismiss a RENEW Northeast complaint that seeks to shift network upgrade O&M costs off interconnection customers.
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Renewable Group Asks FERC for Interconnection Cost Changes in NE
RENEW Northeast is asking FERC to shift the burden of network upgrade operations and maintenance costs in ISO-NE off of interconnection customers.
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NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: May 5, 2022
Competitive Power Ventures’ proposal to revamp ISO-NE's financial assurance rules failed to win approval from NEPOOL’s Participants Committee.
ISO-NE Asks FERC to Dismiss Renewable Groups’ Complaint
ISO-NE requested that FERC dismiss a complaint by renewable energy groups alleging that its rules don’t adequately take into account the uncertainty of gas.
Renewable Groups Challenge Gas ‘Preference’ in ISO-NE Rules
Two renewable energy industry groups are asking federal regulators to address what they say are unfair preferences given to gas-powered generators in ISO-NE.

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