July 20, 2024

reserve requirement

PJM Operating Committee Briefs: May 2, 2024
PJM presented its 2024 summer study to the Operating Committee, saying preliminary figures show the region has adequate reserves to maintain reliability even as reserve margins tighten relative to recent years. 
Potomac Economics
NYISO Over-crediting Poorly Performing Units’ Capacity, Monitor Says
NYISO is qualifying generation units for meeting their reserve requirements even though they fail to provide adequate reserves during normal market operations.
PJM Planning Committee Briefs: Sept. 6, 2022
The Planning Committee heard updates on PJM's capital budget, the Reserve Requirement Study and an appellate court ruling on transmission cost allocation.
NYISO Reviews Preliminary ‘Grid in Transition’ Study Results
NYISO reviewed the preliminary results of phase one of the Grid in Transition study on the reliability effects of integrating more renewables into the grid.
Consumers Energy
MISO Officials Explain 2022/23 Capacity Auction Mechanics
MISO officials answered questions about the capacity shortfalls and expensive prices in the 2022/23 auction while stakeholders asked for more supply data.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Jan. 13, 2021
The PJM Operating Committee unanimously endorsed a proposal to sunset the System Restoration Coordinators Subcommittee and discussed manual updates.
NYISO Looks at Pricing Supplemental Reserves
NYISO is preparing to be able to adapt its reserve requirements quickly to a changing resource mix by procuring supplemental reserves.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: Aug. 26, 2020
NYISO has decided to remain in remote work mode for the rest of the year, officials told the Management Committee.
NYISO Moves Forward on EAS Projects
NYISO continues to advance its Grid in Transition agenda, moving ahead with some energy and ancillary services projects while suspending or combining others.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Aug. 4, 2020
PJM's Planning Committee endorsed the use of a 13-year load model with data from 2002-2014 for the 2020 reserve requirement study.

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