April 16, 2024

resource availability and need (RAN)

Stakeholders Split on Potential MISO RA Requirements
Stakeholders appear torn over whether MISO should develop reliability guidelines that could establish uniform resource adequacy criteria.
MISO Exploring New RAN Changes
MISO said it continues to weigh changes to its markets and resource adequacy construct as part of its multiyear resource availability and need project.
MISO Stakeholders Split on Seasonal RA Measures
Stakeholders are divided on whether MISO has conducted enough analysis to justify adopting seasonal capacity auctions and loss-of-load expectation studies.
MISO Exploring Emergency Pricing, Forward Market
MISO is looking into a forward market mechanism and improvements to its scarcity and emergency pricing under its resource availability and need project.
MISO to Work on Monitor’s 2018 Recommendations
MISO officials said they agree with almost all the recommendations outlined by the Independent Market Monitor in this year’s State of the Market report.
MISO Weighs Seasonal Capacity, Accreditation Plan
MISO is proposing fixes to its LOLE study and capacity accreditation while it tries to determine if it should implement a seasonal capacity construct.
MISO Seeks Market Changes After Meek Summer
The MISO footprint didn’t come close to its forecasted summertime peak, but ways to improve resource adequacy were on the minds of those at Board Week.
MISO Resource Adequacy Subcomm. Briefs: Sept. 12, 2019
MISO will suspend updates on its resource availability and need project through November to allow time for analysis that may drive future draft rules.
MISO Gives Tentative Nod to Seasonal Capacity Design
MISO now cautiously estimates that the benefits of a seasonal capacity auction would outweigh potential drawbacks.
FERC OKs MISO Outage Scheduling Rules, DR Testing
FERC granted MISO permission to implement the remaining two proposals in its three-part short-term resource availability and need project.

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